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Pheromone Attractive

Pheromone Attractive

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Looking to up your game and attract more attention from the opposite sex? Look no further than Pheromone Attractive, the best pheromone cologne on the market! Not only does it contain the highest concentration of pheromones possible, but it also features a delicate, fresh scent that is naturally appealing to the opposite sex. Get into the same room with her/him, and soon she will be looking at you and thinking naughty thoughts. You may even invite unintended attention from men – this cologne is designed to appeal to their primal desires! So what are you waiting for? Spritz on some Pheromone Attractive and let the fun begin!


Gender: Women, men
Shelf life:5 years
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Size Type: Full size
Skin Type: All skin types
Age Group: Adults
NET WT:4ml/50ml

Package Included:
1 X Pheromone Attractive

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